Soon – this is the city that is expected to undergo an unusual urban renewal in its size

Over the years, urban renewal projects progressed, lazily. Now, one of the largest municipalities in Israel has decided to promote an urban renewal unusual in its size.

The plan has already been approved, using the demolition and construction method

Gush Dan is one of the most sought after areas in Israel. At the same time, the available land reserves for construction are limited. Low supply is of course related to the price increase that has soared in the last year at a particularly sharp level. Recently, a plan was revealed that is expected to add tens of thousands of housing units, in a dense urban area. How will this be done? by an ambitious project and unusual in its scope, of urban renewal. Experts say that this is a program unlike any other in Gush Dan and it is expected to make a big impact in Holon. At the same time, in nearby Bat Yam, they are working vigorously on large-scale urban renewal projects.
Officials in the Holon Municipality recently said that during December 2022, the District Planning and Construction Committee approved an urban renewal plan. The plan is largely based on TMA 38, but it is not only about strengthening processes but mainly TMA 38 – 2, that is, the demolition of buildings and new construction in their place. Sources involved in the process say that approximately 50 – 60 thousand housing units are expected to be built. The approval of the plan was able to pass, although in the near future the TMA 38 regulations in their current form are expected to be passed.

Outline plan combined with transportation solutions

In and around Holon, many buildings were found that did not “grow” in a nice way. Along with neighborhoods where aesthetic hazards can be seen, engineers also mention that the building standards in the past were very different from the current standard. The durability of certain buildings is quite precarious and it goes without saying that there is nothing to talk about about protected spaces and even shelters are not always available. And it is not about things in Alma. It is enough to recall the old holoni building that collapsed at the end of 2021, to understand that there is a problem here. The new master plan seeks to answer this, but things do not end there.
Against the backdrop of the severe transportation crisis faced by the entire Gush Dan area and the center, it is interesting to note that the plan seeks to think ahead. In the emerging plan, urban renewal will be promoted with maximum consideration of public transportation solutions. For example, priority will be given to the demolition of buildings and the construction of new ones, close to the light rail route that is being built. Renewal will be carried out near existing train stations and taking into account the public’s concerns. Professionals point out favorably the fact that a municipal body decided to promote and initiate a comprehensive program, and not in a specific aspect. Planning and forward thinking are expected to greatly develop the city as well as attract a new population and improve the well-being of existing residents.

Urban renewal in diverse categories

Urban renewal in Israel today must address a series of issues. The large outline plan that was approved will not only improve the appearance of the city but will also solve at least a significant part of the lack of protected spaces. Experts explain that fifty thousand housing units in Holon were built long before protected spaces entered the standard. By the way, in the surrounding cities the situation is not better.
The urban renewal that is expected to take place as part of the plan (which is also known as H. 619), created a division of the urban space into six categories. For example, one category refers to the renewal of the main streets, combined with the development and renewal of public spaces. Another category will include areas for preservation, while maintaining the old position. A separate category refers to areas with the highest density.
Officials in Holon say that the plan is expected to progress in a phased manner, while establishing a diverse mix of apartments. The contractors will have to offer a stock of small apartments intended for young couples, alongside larger and more spacious apartments. Along with areas where demolition and construction will be promoted, projects to strengthen existing buildings will also be carried out, while referring to the advanced standard for stability in earthquakes.

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